Customized Itineraries

Your tour, your way. That’s our promise when you come to us for your next school trip or student tour. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we have some great sample itineraries to get you started or give you ideas. The foundation of our company, however, rests on our groups and what they want in the destination they’ve chosen.

The itinerary we build for you is much more than a list of attractions. We begin by finding out the crucial details: How large is your group? What age are your students? What do you want to see and how long do you have to do it in? Then we build a tentative itinerary and begin making reservations. Your final itinerary includes all of the following, guaranteeing we have done our best to make your tour exactly what you want it to be with as little stress and hassle as possible.

The Attractions

Though this isn’t all your itinerary includes, it does of course showcase the museums, historic landmarks and exciting sights on your tour. Hopefully this closely mirrors the list you give us at the beginning of our journey together. Perhaps most of them fit into a single theme. And definitely, this is where your excitement will build as you view the many attractions that will finally move from your must-see list to your have-experienced one. The itinerary is also a great way to look back later and remember where you’ve been, hopefully even jogging your memory on the most interesting details of your trip.


Do you know some attractions like the beautiful Mt. Vernon estate or the many parts of Central Park could happily entertain your group for half a day or more? You probably do. But what about the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Arlington? How long do they take? These are the details we’ve nailed down after years of sending groups of every age to these favorite attractions for educational tours. And these details are very important when building an itinerary. Your final itinerary, therefore, will feature how long you have to spend at each attraction, whether to be there early, if perhaps the attraction includes lunch.


Is there a separate entrance for groups of our size? If we reserved a professional guide, will they meet us at the door? What can we take in? We try to answer these questions and more on your itinerary. This way, group leaders know exactly where to be when, and they can share with their students whether to dump the back pack, camera, and water bottle and whether they’ll be staying together or spreading out once inside. Addresses and phone numbers for a contact person will also be included.

How to Get Where and With Whom

We highly recommend professional travel guides for many educational attractions. There’s simply no replacement for their expertise, entertainment, and ability to improvise when necessary. If you request a guide, the itinerary will detail whether one is included for half a day or more, or if you’ll simply be meeting one for specific attractions. You’ll know when and where to meet the guides for every stop. Itineraries also detail transportation arrangements. You won’t only know what time to appear for your first reservation in the morning but what time to be on the bus or to leave for the public transit.


We’ve got this one down to a science as well. Many museums and other attractions offer cafeteria-style food courts. Groups can purchase vouchers to make this process a breeze for large groups. We also know the restaurant attractions that are favorites for students and that are therefore prepared for them, like Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood, plus many more. We can help you find the right balance between vouchers, group reservations and meal times on-your-own with places and times for meeting up afterward. The best group tours use a combination, and including meals on the itinerary is a must.

From the moment you contact one of our travel coordinators, your itinerary is in the best hands possible. Remember, it’s your tour. And we build it your way.