World of Coca Cola

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Taken by: James Wyse

Odds are, when you pop open a cold and frosty, bright red and polar-bear white can of the most popular soft drink in the world and suck down that first satisfying glug, you aren’t giving a bubble of thought to its original history, its ingredients, its immeasurable impact on society or pop culture, what the can looks like in other countries, or the value of hundreds of historic collectables and works of art the world over or other. Student groups of Coke fans on Atlanta holiday may want to leave room on the ol’ agenda for a couple of hours of refreshing enlightenment at World of Coca Cola in the friendly “Dogwood City” where an excitingly “refreshing” collection of special Coke exhibits are meant to entertain, inspire and educate! Your two-level tour begins in the lobby, chock-full of vibrantly creative “Coke Art” and ushers you onward into Coca‐Cola Theater were you will experience an amazing world of “Coke” celebration; you’ll get “this close” to the magical Vault of the Secret recipe, and intrepid comers can take a crack at attempting their own interpretation of the Coca Cola formulation! Grab some cool and fuzzy hugs from snuggly Coke mascot “Polar Bear” and experience the convenience of endless flavors of Coca-Cola branded refreshment at your fingertips at Freestyle fountain! The crazy-interactive Pop Culture Gallery, a behind-the-scenes peek at the ever-important bottling process, a classic Coke art exhibit, a lighthearted 4D look at Coca Cola around the world and exploration of decades of the soft drink’s most popular TV advertisements treat your student group to an absolutely immersive tour experience that will fill your heads with catcy Coke jingles for the remainder of your Atlanta holiday!