Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta Tiger 3

Taken by Timothy J

Student groups on Georgia excursion will want to make the trek to Zoo Atlanta – a wild menagerie situated on 44 acres in Atlanta’s Grant Park and home to more than 1,500 animals representing over 220 species. The Zoo first opened in 1889 with the generous donation of an eclectic collection of traveling circus animals, including a black bear, a jaguar, a hyena, a gazelle, a Mexican hog, lionesses, monkeys and camels; today, Zoo Atlanta boasts the nation’s largest population of western lowland gorillas and orangutans, and is one of only four parks in the U.S. currently hosting giant pandas. The fascinating African Plains exhibit houses African lions and elephants, Southern Ground Hornbills, meerkats, warthogs, eastern bongos and other wildlife native to the expansive grasslands, deep, dark forests and arid deserts of Continental Africa. An exciting multi-species Savanna Habitat is home to giraffes, ostrich and zebra; brave guests may hand-feed hungry resident giraffes from new interactive habitat feature, Twiga Terrace. ZA is the only zoological institution to successfully breed critically endangered Arakan forest turtles, a species harvested to near-extinction; March, 2012 saw the arrival of a rare – and venomous – Guatemalan beaded lizard which, at the time of its hatching, was one of only seven known to have been born in captivity, and an extremely rare Iranian eyelid gecko hatched into the Zoo family in October, 2013. Meet these special cold-blooded creatures, in addition to hundreds of their cohabitants – terrifying black mambas and king cobras among them – in the captivating World of Reptiles exhibit. Conservation–minded Zoo Atlanta is a vigorously active participant in the AZA Species Survival Plan, steadfastly committed to helping ensure the health, genetic diversity and demographic sustainability of beautiful and beloved species like the clouded leopard, the red panda, the Sumatran tiger, the black rhino and the giant panda through ongoing cooperative efforts.