Boston Massacre Site

The Boston Massacre occurred in Boston, Massachusetts. This event is a part of American History. Five Colonists were killed by British Regulars. The event occurred on March 5, 1770. Student groups will see documents at the site. The Freedom Trail Foundation offers tours that include the Boston Massacre site. Featured tours include: the Walk into History Tour, the Historic Holiday Stroll, and the African American Patriots Tour. During the Walk into History Tour, the students will be guided by a professional who is dressed in 18th century clothing. Students will walk on the famous red line and visit several interesting sites. During the African American Patriots Tour, the student group will hear tales of bravery, poetry, and defiance. They are related to one of the victims of the Boston Massacre who was African American. His name was Crispus Attucks. Other African-American revolutionaries portrayed on the tour include: Phillis Wheatley, Prince Hall, and Peter Salem. Come with your students and view the Massacre site!