Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science is perfect for any school trip that wants to get a better understanding of science and why things work the way they do. There are over 700 interactive exhibits and live shows going on all the time; this offers something fun and exciting for students of all ages. All of their presentations are set to target a certain age group, allowing your students to get the best understanding of what is being taught.
There are six main topics of science when you visit this museum; Life Science & Natural World, Math & Physical Science, Technology & Engineering, Inquiry- Nature of Science, Earth & Space Science, and Current Science & Technology.
Life Sciences & Natural World is centered on living organisms; structure, growth, function, evolution, origin, and distribution. This includes over 25 different live presentations, over 15 different exhibits, and a 3-D movie.
Math & Physical Science helps with the understanding of matter and energy using the study of measurement and relationships of quantities. This includes 10 live presentations and 6 permanent exhibits.
These are only a few of the different topics to choose from at the Boston Museum of Science. Your school trip can choose on topic to explore through, or take a wider view and see some of it all.
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