Taken By: Q. Zhang

The Mayflower II is located near Boston, Massachusetts. Student groups will learn about this iconic piece of history. The original Mayflower is no longer in existence. The ship sailed in 1620. Mayflower II sailed across the Atlantic in 1957. Your student group will get the chance to climb aboard and examine different parts of the ship. Featured areas include the following: the cramped quarters of the passengers, the “hold,” the “spacious masters cabin, and the wet and windy accommodations of the common sailors. The “hold” stored the following items: food, tools, furniture, clothing and other items which were necessary to start the colony. The students will also explore the navigation tools used during the 17th century. During the tour of the ship, the group will hear about the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower. They will learn about the “perils of maritime travel. The following items have been recreated to give a sense of what the original vessel was like during the 17th century. They include: the solid oak timbers, the wood and horn lanterns, the tarred hemp rigging and the hand-colored maps. Come visit this fascinating vessel with your student tour!