Old North Church

The Old North Church is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The location was established in 1722. On April 18, 1775, the church became famous when two important men climbed the steeple and held two lanterns. They gave the signal from Paul Revere that the British were coming. Most of the people in the congregation were loyal to the British King. The individuals who held the lanterns were Robert Newman and John Pulling. The student group can take a tour and take part in engaging educational programs. There are various programs for students of all ages. Each one of them varies in length, content focus, and depth of exploration. Featured options include the following: the Behind-the-scenes Tour, A History Mystery: Who Hung the Lanterns, Experience Art & Architecture, and Sacred Seats: Social Implications of Colonial Church Seating. There are also educational resources for educators available as well. During the Behind-the-scenes Tour, the student group will explore two areas of Old North. These areas are the Bell Ringing Chamber and the Crypt. The tour is a 30-minute guided exploration. The students will climb the stairs to the top of the Old North Bell Ringing Tower where Paul Revere worked as a teen. The program focuses on the architecture and history of the tower. The Crypt contains 37 tombs that were built from 1732 to 1860. During the Art & Architecture program, students will explore both the exterior and interior of Old North. They will look at the visual elements. The tour also features 3 fine art pieces located inside the church. The tour is geared toward junior high and high school students. Come bring your student group and visit this iconic historical location!