Art Institute of Chicago

Art Insitute Lion Statue at Entrance

Credit Adam Alexander Photography

Art Institute of Chicago, located in the heart of Chicago, is one of the city’s leading cultural attractions. Since the Art Institute is constantly trying to improve all the exhibits within this building which consists of a lower, first, second and third level that offers almost a million square feet and houses both permanent and traveling artwork, exhibits and galleries materials. There is plenty to explore and learn about during your visit. Included in this abundant array of art you can chose from some of the following to be viewed: African, American, Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Architectural, Amor, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Contemporary, European, Film, Media, Video, Impressionism, Indian, Islamic, Southeast Asian, Himalayan, Paperweight, Photography, Painting and Drawing, Textiles, Family pictures, and Thome miniature works of art.

Artie the Lion has been the friendly mascot to the Art Institute since 1999 and can be seen on certain days and will be around to answer your questions concerning the Institutes many attractions or give directions. Also outside the Institute stands two large bronze LionsĀ  that have become very famous over the years and have become symbols of the entire city of Chicago, these lions are said to guard the collection of artwork within the Institute, while providing a sense of royalty and grandeur as you enter the building. The lions were a gift from Mrs. Henry Field in 1894 donated in memory of her husband. The sculptor Edward Kemey was well known for his ability to create lifelike animal sculptures from 1892 to 1894, since he felt it was unnatural to make any two lions the same, this is why these two lions show different life forms in appearance.

The Art Institute is very family friendly and tries to have several different art making activities, games, exhibits or other activities available as well as some self guide tours to enjoy. This makes it a very attractive educational destination for both young and old.