Munro Trail

view of Lanai from UTV tour of Munro Trail

“Munro Trail” courtesy of Go Visit Hawaii

Just north of Lanai City is the rustic Munro Trail. It was named after George Munro, the naturalist who arrived from New Zealand. Munro Trail is a 12.8 mile, one-lane trail that offers a spectacular view of many things, including the Cook pine trees that were introduced to Lanai by George Munro himself.
This trail also offers a 1,600-foot elevation that takes you through a rainforest that is filled with ironwood, ohia lehua, pine trees, and eucalyptus. Also, only 2.5 miles into the trail, you can find an amazing scenic lookout; a perfect photo opportunity. The views from this trail are like none other. Your group will see neighboring islands; Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokia, Oahu, and the Hawaii Big Island. There are a few different ways to take the trail, such as hiking or biking. This trail will take you all the way up to Lanai’s highest point, which reaches 3,370 feet. This is defiantly a spot you would want to take any group who has an appreciation for nature.