California Science Center

While your student group is on a school trip to Los Angeles, you should stop by the California Science Center. The students can see fascinating scientific exhibits, take part in educational programs, and view a film in the IMAX Theater. This is a fun place to visit and learn about science.

The exhibits at the California Science Center are both informative and interactive. The students will have hands-on experiences at the various galleries. You will find galleries such as the Ecosystems Gallery, the Creative World Gallery, the World of Life Gallery, and Air and Space Exhibits. The Ecosystems Gallery has eight zones that represent different environments. Students will find zones such as the Extreme Exhibits Zone, the Forest Zone, the River Zone, and the Island Zone. In the Forest Zone, students will explore the kelp forest and learn about the variety of life forms in an ecosystem. In the World of Life Gallery, the students will have the opportunity to examine how people, plants, animals, and the tiniest living cells all perform the same life processes in order to survive.

The California Science Center offers a variety of entertaining educational activities for your students to enjoy. You can see live shows and demonstrations as part of the experience. One of the activities is the Science Spectacular Live Shows. These presentations are 15-20 minutes in length and cover a variety of scientific topics. Students will learn about topics such as chemical reactions, kelp forest biology, and nano-science. Another type of fun activity is known as the Big Lab. During the program, the students will engage in hands-on activities and cover several different topics. The student group will learn about topics such as Boats and Balance, Erosion, and Roller Coasters.