Guinness World of Records Museum

Apollo 10 Command Module

“Apollo 10 Command Module” by Mike Cattell

When you plan your school trip to the Los Angeles area, you may want to explore the Guinness World Records Museum which is located near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is an extensive collection of artifacts on display along with interactive exhibits. The famous book will come to life when your students visit the museum. There are records in areas such as space, sports, pop culture, technology, animals, natural phenomena, and the limits of human potential. Students of all ages will enjoy spending time at this popular attraction.


The student group should plan to spend an hour at the museum for total emersion in the records. The museum has fun interactive displays using different types of media. The students will find entertaining displays such as videos, touch-screen challenges, and talking holographs. The group will have the opportunity to feel the exhilaration of racing 240 MPH in the world’s fastest Formula One Car. You will also find information on The World’s Tallest Man, The Largest California Roll, The Longest Chair Balance on the Edge of a Building, and The Longest Bicycle Wheelie Journey.


In 1913, the Hollywood Theater was established as a silent movie palace. By the late 80s, the building was vacant. Raubi Sundher who partnered with the Hollywood Wax Museum modeled the building to become the Guinness World Records Museum. The location is a national historic landmark. The museum has a huge collection of records that have been broken for the group to explore.