Los Angeles County Museum of Art

During your class trip to Los Angeles, you should explore the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There is a fascinating collection of art for your team to examine. The location also offers informative educational programs and group tours as part of the experience.

The museum offers docent-led tours that are engaging and educational. Participants will have the opportunity to see a selection of works of art and discuss a variety of topics. One of the options is for pupils in grades one to five and is known as Seeing Matters. During the tour, the team will learn through careful observation, conversation, and critical thinking how to interpret the visual elements of art. There are a couple additional tours offered to participants for grades one through five such as Collections Tours, the Art of the Americas Tour, and the Modern and Contemporary Art Tour. Participants in grades six through 12 can also enjoy a variety of tours such as Heroes and Legends Gods and Myths, The Artist as a Social Conscience, and the Art of Many Cultures Tour.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art contains several different galleries for your class to explore. You will find collections such as French Oil Sketches, Gods and Goddesses the Diego Revera Collection, the Impressionism Collection, Spanish Colonial Art, and Textiles. The Textiles Collection contains works of art such as Leaves, Eucalyptus, Perspective Works, and Luminous. There is also a collection of African Art at the museum as well. Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting this popular attraction.