5-Day NYC Theater Tour

Your group will have the amazing opportunity to view many Broadway Plays, and attend a Broadway Workshop and Classroom located in New York City.

Plus, your group will also have the chance to discover many famous New York City landmarks that are sure to entertain and educate everyone.

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Day 1:

5th Avenue
One of the most famous streets in Manhattan; 5th Avenue is every shopaholics paradise. It displays some of the most expensive yet beautiful pieces available. Your group will experience landmarks and famous buildings such as Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building.
Time Square
Certainly one of the most recognizable intersections; Time square is home to many familiar companies. Good Morning America is filmed here and features its giant billboards daily. This is also the location where the ball drops every year on New Year’s Eve. There are many restaurants, shopping centers, and museums to explore. Some of the more familiar places would be Hersey’s, Toys R Us, Bubba Gump’s, Madame Tussaud’s, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Time Square is very crowded but it is also a thrilling sight for groups.
Broadway Play*

Day 2:

Macy’s Herald Square
Macy’s Herald Square was built in 1902, and for a hundred years it has turned into the New York City icon. Today, Macy’s is known as “America’s Largest Department Store”. It covers and entire city block and has ten levels of today’s fashions your group will love.
Lincoln Center Tour
Lincoln Center was started by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1959. Back then, the people were not sure of its success. However, we are now able to see the embrace of performing arts. There are twelve organizations within the center. Some of the most known include Julliard, New York City Ballet, Metropolitan Opera, and the School of American Ballet. 
Broadway Workshop

Day 3:

NBC Studio
Central Park
Central Park is suggested to be the most famous park in the country. It has 843 acres right in the middle of New York City’s metropolis. This park has many things to view such as bike trails, lakes, fountains, and beautiful bridges. Also, check out the famous attractions such as Trump-Wollman skating rink and the Center Park Zoo. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art
This museum allows its’ viewers to explore new ways of viewing art. Opened back in 1872, the Metropolitan Museum holds over two million works of art. Some of these piece date back from the Stone Age to modern day. A great exhibit for teenagers would be the Red Studio. Here they can interviews held with other teenagers and some of the artists. They can also listen to pod casts given by students about their thoughts on the art work at the museum.  
Broadway Play*

Day 4:

Broadway Classroom
Statue of Liberty
Over half of all Americans today have ancestors who arrived here through the prominent gateway. Located on a 12-acre Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty is probably the most recognizable attraction of the United States. The statue was a gift from the French and it stands as the symbol of democracy and freedom.
Broadway Play*

Day 5:

Trinity Church
The Trinity Church has always been a pillar of the community. The church held its first service back in 1698. Shortly after, the Trinity school was established. The British attempted to take back New York City in 1776, and in return both the church and the school were set on fire; the second church was rebuilt in 1790 but was torn down because of heavy snow. Finally the third and final Trinity church was finished in 1896, and was used as a shelter home after the 9/11 attack. 
Tribute WTC Visitors Center
Top of The Rock
Top of the Rock give you a spectacular view that you cannot find anywhere else; day or night. Here you can take your time and let all the beauty sink in. But be sure not to forget the camera! There will be many great photo opportunities along the way.