Central Park

Central Park is suggested to be the most famous park in the country. It has 843 acres right in the middle of New York City’s metropolis. It is run and taken care of by the Central Park Conservancy crew. This crew maintains a total of 250 acres of land; over 20,000 trees; 9,000 benches; 21 playgrounds; 26 ball fields; and 150 acres worth of lakes.

This park has many things to view such as bike trails, lakes, fountains, and beautiful bridges. Something is always going on event-wise, here. There are famous attractions such as Trump-Wollman skating rink, that holds the Victorian Garden carnival in the summer, and the Center Park Zoo.

Central Park Zoo

There are many types of programs and tours for all ages available at the zoo. Plus, many of fascinating exhibits that everyone will love.

Everything from mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibian and available here and many exhibits give you the chance to witness how they are fed and the tricks that they can do. There is so much to see when you visit the Central Park Zoo; it will be a trip well-worth taking.