3-Day Virginia Beach

Enjoy three days of educational fun at Virginia’s most popular destination.

Your group will be able to experience some of the most loved facilities in the U.S., including the Virginia War Museum.

There is so much more to do here as well. And our company strives to build you a trip that will match your needs.

Sample 3-Day Itinerary

Day 1

First Landing State Park
Early American history comes alive at First Landing State Park. It is named after the place where the first members of the Virginia Company landed when they came to the New World. First Landing is a beautiful state park on Chesapeake Bay. It offers camping, picnicking, fishing, and boating. There are 19 miles of trails through its woods and history programs as well.
The Ghost of Virginia Beach

Not all of Virginia is as bright as it may seem. The Ghosts of Virginia Beach Walking Tour gives you a look at some of the darker tales from Virginia’s history. Your guided tour will take a ghostly turn as you get a new perspective of the Boardwalk and city streets by lantern-light. You’ll learn the legends of Blackbeard the pirate and about the most famous witch in Virginia and her trial. This tour is a haunting look into Virginia’s fascinating history.

Day 2

Virginia Living Museum
Experience all of Virginia’s wildlife and natural habitats in one place. Explore Virginia’s streams next to the caves, witness sea life, see birds from a boardwalk that takes you right into the treetops, and witness animals normally only seen at night. The Mountains gallery shows you the fish, turtles and other creatures around the James River. The entire experience represents wildlife as you would experience it in a natural environment. There is no educational experience quite like the Virginia Living Museum. Your group is sure to have an amazing time while learning so many new things about nature.
Virginia Aquarium and Science Center

This is a unique experience surrounding Virginia’s varied aquatic life. Exhibits are swarming with real Virginia wildlife that you are sure to love. Ocean Pavilion takes you through Virginia’s various waters, from rivers to Chesapeake Bay, and into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. In the touch pool you can experience sharks, stingrays, and various fish up close and personal. To top it off, there is an IMAX here with a six-story movie screen that has 3D films about all of the aquatic life. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center celebrates Virginia’s water world in a fun and exciting way that your group is sure to love.

Day 3

Virginia War Museum
This museum has over 60,000 artifacts from American war history. The museum showcases over 200 years from 1775 to the present day. You’ll see artifacts from the War of 1812, Korea and Vietnam, and the first and second World Wars. The Women at War gallery shows the way the role of women has changed throughout history from nurses and Red Cross workers to full-fledged members of the military. All of this and much more will bring you closer to America’s history of war.
Virginia Zoo
The Virginia Zoo showcases its animals in their natural habitats so you can see them as they would appear in the wild. This also gives you a better understanding on how to protect and preserve them. You’ll find all of your favorites here and perhaps a few you did not know about. The Virginia zoo is very proud of its African elephants and the snake-like, muscular white-throated monitor. The Virginia Zoo is an exciting educational experience you’re guaranteed to love and remember.