4-Day D.C Itinerary Government and Museums

Washington, D.C. is by far one of the most popular destinations for school trips. There are plenty of sites and attractions that will keep your group busy and having fun. All trips to D.C. include a visit to Capitol Hill to meet your congressman (when available).

Visit Arlington Cemetery, the best memorial site of the fallen heroes from our nation. Washington, D.C. is also home to one of the world’s best museum complexes, the Smithsonian. Because we customize our trips to meet your group’s needs, the different experience possibilities for your trip are endless.


Sample 4-Day Itinerary

Day 1:

Library of Congress
With such a wide collection of books, films, sheet music, records, and documents, the Library of Congress is sure to fascinate your group.
Mt. Vernon
The Home of our first President, George Washington, is 500 acres and allows people to walk around the estate. You can also participate in “Hands-on History” where you can recreate the farming techniques and play colonial games.
Capitol Hill
The second you start climbing the grand steps of Capitol Hill you will be amazed by the beauty of this building. Not only do you get to see firsthand the amazing structure and history of this building, but our travel company will also make it so that your group can meet your congressman on Capitol Hill.

Day 2:

Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial was designed after the Temple of Zeus. It is located across from the Reflective Pool. On either side of Lincoln you will find his Inaugural Address and the speech at Gettysburg.
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington is the most popular attraction in Washington, D.C. because of its beautiful setting and rich history. It is the perfect place to honor the lives of our U.S. soldiers. Also visit Arlington House, former home of Robert E Lee. Your group will also get to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the changing of the guard occurs. The tomb holds the remains of unidentified soldiers.
 Air and Space Museum
This place is more than just a museum; it is a center for research into aviation and space flight. Discover the history of space and flight through artifacts such as the Wright brothers’ airplane and Apollo 11. Your group will be able to see just how far our discoveries have and are still taking us.

Day 3:

FDR Memorial
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt held office longer than any other US President.  He helped the American people through both the Great Depression and World War II.  This memorial is dedicated to his four terms. It is a set of beautiful rooms and fountains honoring all he did.
White House
Union Station

Union Station has a little bit of everything; shopping, dining,  and a variety of different events. There are many different things to buy and places to eat. You will be sure to please everyone in your group.

Holocaust Museum


Day 4:

International Spy Museum
This Museum educates its visitors on spy history. Interactive exhibits tell you the challenges of actual spies. You will get to see over 200 artifacts that the spies used. Your group is sure to learn about the vital role of espionage in the world today.
Washington Monument
Museum of Natural History
This museum helps your group experience our earth’s history, even parts you have never seen before. Learn about dinosaurs, gems, ocean life, insects, and plants life.  Your group will feel like you are on a journey exploring our world from soil to sea.