Yorktown: Colonial Farm

Taken By: Bill Barber

When you take your students on a trip to Williamsburg you should take in the sights at the Yorktown Battlefield. Students of all ages will enjoy this experience. The battle was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War which took place in the fall of 1781. Your student group will have the opportunity to explore several interesting sites during the visit. When you arrive at the battlefield, your group will want to begin at the Visitor Center. There, you will find a museum with exhibits including the field tents that were used by George Washington during the battle. There is also an orientation film for the students to watch. Ranger-led tours are offered to student groups as part of the experience. During the program, students will see the battlefield as well as the 18th take a drive through tour also available as well. The students will encounter sites such as the Moore House, Yorktown National Cemetery, and the scene of the surrender. The Moore House was owned by Augustine Moore at the time of the battle. On October 18, 1781, there was a meeting with officers from all three armies. Negotiations were made for the British to surrender. The location was the backdrop of one of the final scenes in the Revolutionary War. century historic town. There is an option to The students can also witness a cannon fire demonstration at Lamb’s Artillery conducted by volunteer living history gun crew. They represent Colonel John Lamb’s Regiment during the war. This location was where seasoned American gunners and professional French artillerists fired 15,000 rounds into British lines during the nine day battle.