Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach 2010

“Sandbridge Beach” By Lina Smith

During your School trip to Virginia Beach you may want to explore the Sandbridge Beach. The view is breathtaking and it is a family friendly destination to visit. The beach has beautiful sand dunes and is close to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. You can go on a hike, fish, and kayak as part of the experience. There are also several restaurants with delicious food for your group to enjoy. There are a few parks in the area to explore. For example, the student group can visit False Cape State Park, Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, and Little Island Park. False Cape State Park is a place where students can go hiking, biking, and enjoy the scenery. The park also features an environmental education program in one of the last distributed environments on the east coast. Little Island Park is located on the beach and is a place for students to take part in fun activities. Specifically, you will have the opportunity to play basketball, surf, play a game of volleyball and go for a swim in the ocean. There are other parks nearby such as First Landing State Park, Munden Point Park, and the North Landing River Natural Area. There are other entertaining attractions on the Sandbridge Beach for the students to experience. For example, there are places such as Busch Gardens, the Virginia Science Museum, Motor World, and the Virginia Living Museum. Busch Gardens is a fun amusement park where the students can ride thrilling roller coasters, enjoy live shows, and get soaked on some exhilarating water rides.