4-Day Williamsburg Itinerary

Williamsburg would be the place to take any group with an interest in history. There are plenty of thrilling attractions to keep your whole group on their toes. Contact us to get your customized itinerary started. Here is a sample of what your group could do….

4-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Busch Gardens
This theme park is centered on Europe, giving it beautiful and charming feel. Each part of the park is fixed on a different country such as France or England.
Your group will experience the Revolutionary events the happened in incredible detail on the historic battlefields. View everything from the home where the surrender agreement was signed to the cannons used.

Day 2

Colonial Williamsburg
Run strictly on the resources found in the eighteenth century, Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect place to get the feel of what it was like to live in the 1700’s. You will get a chance to see the homes and businesses of the ordinary people and how we have changed since then.
Ghost Tour
A candlelit tour of Williamsburg that shows you the town like you have never seen. Listen to fascinating folktales and ghost stories along the way as well.

Day 3

Historic Jamestown
Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the new world. At the time, it was a everyday struggle for the people. Here you will get to see first-hand what the lives of these people were like and some of the actual sites that were around during the first settlement.
Jamestown Settlement
View life size replicas of the ships that first brought over the English settlers in 1607.
Presidents Park
Presidents Park is a beautiful park that holds statues of all the past presidents and short facts and biographies on their lives.

Day 4

Mariner’s Museum
Shows your group the culture life of the settlers in an exciting way such as scavenger hunts.
Muscarelle Museum
A fine arts museum that shows great detail to what eighteenth century life was like.