Sacramento has a wide variety when it comes to their arts, entertainment, and even culture. It is one of the oldest cities in California and continues to grow through the years. Plenty of reminders of the city’s age are still around today; such as Sutter’s Fort and Old Sacramento, which allows you to have the real feel of what it was like during the California Gold Rush! Sacramento had a population “explosion” in 1848 when people started to realize gold was resting nearby. This gold rush resulted in an extremely large migration of people. At this time, Sutter’s Fort was created for protection. Sacramento was the end destination for the pony express and the first spot to have a transcontinental railroad.

Today, Sacramento is filled with many remnants of time gone by. You will find museums, such as the California Museum and Railroad Museum, that pertain to most parts of history. Plus, buildings that have been standing since the 1850s. Music is another big part of the city with orchestras and live concerts presented year round. If music is not your fancy, there are plenty of sports and outdoor recreational options available as well, such as Raging Waters water park!

North Sacramento, also known as Uptown, lies across the American River. Here you will find an old neighborhood stuffed with shops and galleries.

There is even a wonderful place for children called Fairytale town. This is a theme park built solely with kids in mind. Each part of the park comes straight from a storybook such as, “The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Sacramento is the perfect place for any age group. You are sure to find something that everyone with you will enjoy on the trip. With our help, we can get you started on the your own unforgettable expedition!

Sacramento Attractions