Are you in charge of this year’s grad trip? The eighth grade government field trip or a performance tour with the band or choir? You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all that needs done – how to organize, how to get the reservations made, safety, and budget. We specialize in every part of group travel – from transportation to reservations, even expert guides. Let us take the hassle out of your hands and instead open your eyes to the wonderful possibilities available for school trips and educational tours!

Grad Trips

There are so many exciting options for senior class trips, and there’s no more exciting way to celebrate this milestone than to introduce graduates to a bigger world. Orlando is always a popular choice. It’s quite possibly the theme park capital of the world with Disney and Universal Studios offering the most innovative rides and attractions in amusement park history. Or consider LA for a Hollywood theme or amusement parks like Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm. Along these lines, Disneyland in California offers Disney Grad Nite, the perfect centerpiece for any senior class trip.

You may want to choose a destination with great variety in its attractions, such as New York City, offering everything from sky-high observation decks to beautiful parks, exciting museums, and some of the most fascinating neighborhoods in our nation. Similarly, Chicago has a lot to offer school trips. Its museums are world-class, and attractions like Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile are unforgettable experiences for any first-time visitor.

Grad trips are fun to design and thrilling to participate in. We’ve been building itineraries for this kind of school trip since 1997, and we still love to do it today.

Educational Tours

Our company was founded on this concept. Our founders were educators themselves, looking for interesting ways to engage students in the learning process. There’s no better way to accomplish this than educational tours.

History, science, and art are just a few of the subjects that come alive when students experience them outside of the classroom. They’ll never again forget the importance of a historic event when they’ve stood where it took place. People from history enter the student’s personal memory when he or she has reflected at the historic figure’s monument, birth place, or memorial. Interest in new subjects is easily ignited with hands-on activities and brilliant exhibits in the world’s best museums.

Washington, D.C. is a favorite for this kind of tour. It offers the breathtaking National Mall surrounded by many of the museums that make up the Smithsonian Institution. New York City offers the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, and hundreds of exciting sights. Chicago has one of the world’s best museum complexes at beautiful Grant Park. And Philadelphia and Boston are unrivaled in their historic landmarks, their attractions highlighting the American Revolution and the debates that led to the founding of our nation.

Educational tours take us to so many attractions and destinations, and they create so much joy – for students and administrators – as the next generation discovers them.

Theme Tours

We also love to build itineraries around a specific theme. We have sample tours to share with you for black history, art, and theater. Every tour we build is fully customized by you when you share your thoughts with one of our travel coordinators. Take a look at some of the fun you can experience with tours in fashion, film, or law and order. There’s no end to the possibilities.