Senior Class Trips

High School Graduation is a big deal, so why not celebrate it! Take your friends and any needed chaperone to an incredible destination. Some of the most common trips are to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Orlando, Virginia Beach, or a cruise.

Hawaii is an incredible spot to visit for many reasons; some being the view, weather, beaches, and cultural festivities. There is something available for every kind of person here. Some of the islands have hiking and waterfalls, while others have fast paced luaus and busy beaches. Either way you go, you are sure to feel welcomed by the Hawaiian people.

Los Angeles is filled with amusement parks to visit and beaches to spend time on with your friends. It is practically summer year round here, which almost guarantees amazing weather for your trip! Don’t forget about all the stars as well that sit in front of the Chinese theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is definitely not one to miss.

Orlando has –of course- Disney theme parks. There are many different ones to choose from so you are bound to find one you love. Along with the theme parks, Orlando also has aquariums, zoos, and tons of live entertainment.

Virginia Beach is a carnival and a beach in one. There are theme parks, go-karts, live entertainment, ocean fun, and so much more. Plus, further into the city, there are great spots for shopping and eating.

Last on our list of common trips is a graduation cruise. Not only are there open 24 hour buffets, but they also have something happening on the ship itself every hour! There are also different clubs to choose from on the ship, even some designed specifically for people under 21.

A senior trip is a chance to celebrate and have fun before you go off to college or the working world. It is a chance to make a final memory with your schoolmates before the big transition! We can help find the perfect adventure for you.