New York City | School Trips In NYC

This is one of the most exciting destinations for student groups. There’s such a variety of attractions here, any itinerary is sure to include several student favorites. Whether for education, entertainment, or culture, you’ll find it here.

Lower Manhattan has a lot of American history. The first assembly of Congress took place here as opposed to Philadelphia where you might have thought. Ferries leave several times a day every day for Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, together comprising a national landmark perfect for educational tours. The financial district in many ways represents the heart of the American dream. This city’s famous skyline began here. In this century, one of our nation’s greatest tragedies occurred in lower Manhattan with the attack on the World Trade Center, 9/11, 2001. Visiting the World Trade Center rebuilding site is a wonderful choice for any school trip. The nearby museum details the events of that day as well as the future memorials, including beautiful fountains that will flow in the footprints of the Twin Towers.

Chinatown, Little Italy, and SoHo are three of the famous neighborhoods that make great walking tours for New York City travel. Each neighborhood has its own history and feel. You’ll find shopping and dining to enjoy there and tons to see and do. You may find the most wonderful thing about New York City is how much there is to see outside of the famous, sometimes expensive, attractions. Consider Highline Park, for instance, a garden area designed on top of the former elevated railway in Chelsea and beyond.

Fifth Avenue Walking Tours take groups through Mid-town and by some of NY’s favorite must-see landmarks. The Empire State Building is a sentimental favorite as far as observation decks, though Top of the Rock has a sky-high, spacious deck to rival it in Rockefeller Center – a New York City classic that includes the NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall. Continuing up Fifth Avenue you’ll eventually walk by the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is an absolute treasure among museums, one of the most beautiful and comprehensive in the world.

Times Square is another experience all NY visitors want to see. The convergence of three major NY streets, Times Square now has a pedestrian mall as well, with tables and chairs. The famous, giant, digital billboards are the most recognizable part of Times Square. But the activities are endless here with favorite restaurants likes Planet Hollywood, stores like M&M and Hershey, museums like Madame Tussaud’s and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and of course Broadway. Many of the best and brightest in Broadway performances are found in and around Times Square. Chances are, you’ll find your way to this famous intersection whether you intended to or not.

Central Park stretches along much of Upper Manhattan. It is more than 840 acres of wide, open parkways, charming walking paths, iconic bridges and fountains, and famous sculptures. Visitors love the serenity of this beautiful nature reserve with the towering skyscrapers just beyond. A gentle sloping toward the center creates the peace and quiet as the city noises disappear. the Central Park Zoo and famous ice skating rink are other favorite sights here. And the Park is flanked by two of the best museums for school trips, the Met, which was already mentioned and is found on the east side, and the American Museum of Natural History, on the west side of Central Park and offering thrilling exhibits, an IMAX, and the fascinating Hayden Planetarium.

We love building customized itineraries to NYC for students and all kinds of group travel tours. One trip won’t be enough to see it all, but three to five days will certainly give you a wonderful start and the opportunity to learn and experience New York City’s best.

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