Disney Honors

A teacher’s main goal is to make sure that their students strive to reach their full potential in everything they do; whether it is grades, sports, or music. When it comes to the subject of music, there is no better way for teachers to reach their goal than to be a part of Disney Honors.

Every other year, Disney’s Youth Program puts on the Disney Honors Program to give students a chance to reach out in new ways and learn more than they might in a classroom setting. Your group will be part of a non-competitive festival featuring instrumental and vocal groups from all over the country. Everyone will participate in clinics, guest speakers, performances, and feedback from a panel of excellent evaluators. This will give your group a chance to hear from others what was good and what else you could do to make it even better. Also included in your school’s package is a semi-formal dinner at Disney Honors Celebration Gala and a 3-, 4-, or 5-day admission pass into Walt Disney World Theme Parks!

At the end of your trip, your whole group will leave with a Disney Honors Medal, feedback to grow on, and a better understanding of the Performing Arts overall.