Boy Scouts of America


“Boy Scouts” by Mike Carey

Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 in Washington, D.C., by William Boyce. Boyce recognized his love for nature at a young age. Somewhat fictionalized legends say that he had learned about scouting when he became lost on his way to Africa in 1909. He was lost in dense fog when he met a young boy who guided him to his destination. When Boyce returned back to America he started the BSA. The BSA’s main focus from the start was on teaching self-reliance, resourcefulness, obedience, courage, patriotism, cheerfulness, citizenship, and courtesy. He used these focuses to “make men”.

Today, Boy Scouts of America is the nation’s largest and most prominent youth organization. Their main focuses are still the same as they were in the 1900’s with the goal of combining education and fun together to help the boy scouts gain lifelong characters that will carry them through life.

Boy Scouts have many adventures and summer camps, such as Jamboree. This gives scouts a chance to meet people from other locations which expands their social skills. It also offers fun and exciting ways to help gain physical fitness and environmental awareness.
With our company, your Boy Scouts can start their adventure off by exploring some exciting and educational places along the way. Washington, D.C. alone holds many amazing attractions for your group to view! We will make sure that you get the trip you want. We design it your way and add what is best suited for you. Check out some of the sample itineraries for an idea of your next adventure!

Sample Itinerary:

Washington, D.C. 3-Day

Washington, D.C. gives boy scouts a great opportunity to look deeper into America’s history and nature. It was here that Boyce first started the Boy Scouts of America and we can see that it has spread far since then.