Black History Tours

Washington, D.C.

Black history tours to D.C. always include the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his famous words, I have a dream. An inscription marks the spot, and plans exist for a memorial to the famous civil rights activist not far away. Other D.C. sites included in a black history tour include the Frederick Douglas National History Site, African-American Civil War Museum, and Smithsonian Museum of African Art. Many other attractions are included in this thrilling, educational tour.



Boson is home to the Freedom Trail, a red brick walkway connecting Boston sites that played an important part in the American Revolution. Similarly, and perfect for this theme, you’ll find the Black Heritage Trail, which connects schools, churches, and other community features built by free black-Americans as we sought an identity as a nation. All the blacks in Boston were free by 1790, making it a leader in the decades and centuries to follow in the pursuit for freedom and civil equality.



As the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta offers several ideal attractions for black history tours. The activist’s birthplace is included in an entire historic site devoted to him. Other important locations are connected in the African-American Heritage Trail. The APEX Museum showcases many contributions from black Americans to the country and to the world. A black history tour in Atlanta will also include entertainment such as a theater performance and fun attractions like the World of Coca Cola.


Many other destinations lend themselves to this popular theme for school trips. We customize black history tours to New York City with attractions like the Hip-Hop Tour in Harlem and the Apollo Theater. There are also many universities to consider, founded by or especially for minority groups, now among the top schools in the nation. Black history tours are a fascinating educational experience for students of any age and to many destinations.