Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The location offers tours, educational resources, and other events. Student groups of all ages will enjoy visiting and learning about famous historical events. There are several areas on the trail to explore. These include the following: Boston Common, the Massachusetts State House, Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel, the Old Corner Book Store, the Old South Meeting House, the Boston Massacre Site, the Paul Revere House, USS Constitution, and the Bunker Hill Monument. The student group can choose which part of the trail to explore. The Freedom Trail offers tours to students of all ages. These are walking tours and feature 11 sites on the trail. The students will get the opportunity to hear speeches of the Sons of Liberty where they actually took place. They will also observe reenactments of the events that sparked the war. The tour will begin at the visitor center at Boston Common. They are 90-minutes in length. There are several fun educational programs available for students of all ages. Featured categories include: hands-on activities, grade-level research, lectures, classes, web-based history games, and school-age articles. Bring your student tour to visit this all-in-one fascinating historical landmark!