Chicago Auditorium Theatre

While your class is visiting Chicago, you should explore the Chicago Auditorium Theatre. The location is a national historic landmark and was constructed in 1889. The Theatre is internationally known for its perfect acoustics, innovative architecture, and stunning design. There are live performances on the famous stage. Participants can also take a Historic Theatre Tour as part of the experience.


During the experience, the pupils will have the opportunity to examine beautiful architecture and artwork. The building was constructed by Dankmar Adler and Lewis Sullivan. You will see the 24-karat gold-leafed ceiling arches, hundreds of Sullivan’s beautifully restored intricate stencil patterns, ornate guilded and bas-relief designs, as well as the endless floor and wall mosaics and murals by Charles Holloway and Albert Fleury. The Auditorium Theatre is the place where you will see outstanding performances during the year. Participants can enjoy performances in genres such as dance, music, and variety. Each group who takes the stage is unique, inspirational, and talented.


There are restaurants near the theatre in case your student group wants to grab a bite before or after the visit. The team will find restaurants such as Trattoria No. 10, the Lockwood Restaurant, Brasserie, Tesori, and Tamarind. Brasserie is a great place to take people of all ages. The location serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They specialize in traditional French cuisine. There are menu items such as salads, soups, appetizers, and prefixed two and three course lunches and dinners for groups. Trattoria No. 10 is an Italian restaurant that serves classic dishes with a contemporary flare. There is homemade ravioli, house-made spicy sausage, and other delicious cuisine. It is the perfect place to dine prior to the visit to the Auditorium Theater.