Chicago Symphony Ochestra

As you plan your class trip to Chicago, you may want to attend a performance done by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Chicago Symphony Center. During the visit, participants can also enjoy delicious food and view the fascinating exhibits at the Chicago Art Institute as part of the experience. The performances are relaxing and entertaining.


The class may also be interested in a series which is known as Beyond the Score. These one-of-a-kind live productions weave together theater, music, and design and are visually stunning. The events take place throughout the year. There are over 25 works presented each season and three new productions have been added recently. There are several works written by well-known composers. There are composers such as Brahms, Ravel, and Charles Ives.


Before the performance at the Chicago Symphony Center, the team can explore collections and exhibitions at the Chicago Art Institute. Participants will find collections in genres such as African Art, American Art, Ancient Art, Architecture and Design, and Asian Art. The Art Institute also offers educational programs for the pupils to enjoy.


Are you searching for quality cuisine? If so, the Chicago Symphony Center has a restaurant which is called Tesori. There are also other dining establishments near the center for you to explore. Tesori serves items such as pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and beverages. There are sandwiches such as the short rib and brisket burger, and Stromboli. Pupils of all ages will enjoy the casual atmosphere and yummy food. After the meal, your team can enjoy the performance.