Columbia College

During your trip to Chicago, the class may be in search of the right college to attend. If so, your students should visit Columbia College. The group can take a campus tour where participants will meet current students and learn about campus life. The tours are for pupils in grades 10-12. Some of the tours offered are for those interested in a specific major and want to learn about that particular area of study.


The campus tours are interesting and informative. There are a few department tours offered in the areas of Advertising, Audio Arts and Acoustics, Cinema Art Science, Dance, Interactive Arts Media, Journalism, Radio, and Television. The tours are for a maximum number of 30 students in a group. Participants touring the dance department will have the opportunity to see several areas and learn about the major. The team will see locations such as the state-of-the-art dance center, the dance video library, the sound recording and media labs, and the professional performance space that was built with dancers in mind.


The Interactive Arts major has a variety of concentrations. There are options such as Game Programming, Interactive Arts and Media, and Mobile Media. Pupils can also major in areas such as education, acting, art therapy, digital production, editing, fashion design, and graphic design.


The team can also attend an information session where the admissions staff will answer questions about the process. These presentations are 90 minutes in length. The class will learn about the application process, financial aid, and other requirements for admission.