Field Museum

Field Museum Exterior

Credit City of Chicago

During your class trip to Chicago, you should visit the Field Museum of Natural History as part of the experience. The location contains several fascinating exhibits and collections. Participants can also enjoy entertaining educational programs. The museum was opened in 1893 and has spent more than 120 years in the pursuit of scientific knowledge about the world around us.


There are a variety of exhibitions at the Field Museum for the team to explore. You will find exhibits such as Sue the T. Rex, Inside Ancient Egypt, Evolving Planet, Restoring Earth, The Crown Family PlayLab, The Ancient Americas, Granger Hall of Gyms, and the DNA Discovery Center. The Restoring Earth Exhibit is where the pupils will have the opportunity to take a journey with Field Museum scientists and discover rare treasures. The team will travel with the scientists by boat and helicopter to remote locations as they protect huge tracks of wilderness. At the Ancient Americas exhibit, participants will get a glimpse into of life as someone living during ancient times. You can step into the windswept world of Ice Age mammoth hunters, walk through a replica of an 800-year-old pueblo dwelling, and explore the Aztec empire and its island capital.


The museum offers docent led tours for your class to enjoy. There are tours such as the Museum Highlights Tour, the Sue Talk, and the Pawnee Earth Lodge Tour. During the Museum Highlights Tour, the team will learn about the museum’s rich history, world-class collections and exhibitions, along with the science and research being conducted behind the scenes. The tour will last about 60 minutes.