When you take your class on a trip to Chicago, you should visit the Legoland Discovery Center. This destination is suited for pupils in elementary school. The location has rides, attractions, and a 4D cinema. Participants can also enjoy delicious food and shop during the visit. This is a great place for students to learn how to be creative with Legos.


The Legoland Discovery Center has entertainment attractions for the team to enjoy as part of the experience. Participants will find attractions such as Jungle Expedition, the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, the Lego Master Academy, Lego Racers, the Legoland City Site, and the Legoland Discovery Center Shop. The class can also take a tour of the Legoland Factory as part of the visit. During the tour, the pupils will learn how Lego bricks are made. Professor Brick-a-Brack will take the class through each step of the brick creation process. The team will get a souvenir brick to keep at the conclusion of the tour. During the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, the group will sit in a dragon car and will be armed with laser zappers. Participants will ride through the forest and try to destroy the villains. The team will get points for each skeleton or troll they shoot. You can have a souvenir photo to take home.


The Legoland Discovery Center Shop is a place full of fascinating merchandise for the class to purchase. You will find items such as the Lego Architecture Sets, Lego Friends Jungle Sets, the Lego Creator Mini Cooper, and the Lego Technic Bulldozer. The Lego Friends Jungle Set contains the Jungle Bike, Jungle Falls Rescue, the Jungle Rescue Base, and Jungle Bridge Rescue.