Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium Exterior

Credit Choose Chicago

While your class is visiting Chicago, you should spend some time exploring the Shedd Aquarium which is full of amazing aquatic animals. There are fascinating interactive exhibits for the team to explore. Participants can also enjoy a variety of animal encounters and other entertaining educational programs as part of the experience.


The team can choose from several interesting animal encounters and behind-the-scenes guided tours. There are programs such as the Shark Feeding Tour: Behind the Scenes in the Wild Reef, the Beluga Encounter, the Penguin Encounter, and the Behind the Scenes Tour. During the Beluga Encounter, the pupils will listen to an informative orientation by one of Shedd’s animal experts about the care of the animals, the Beluga they will meet, and the best way to have a safe and fun experience. After the orientation, participants will pull on waders and enter the Beluga Habitat and stand alongside a trainer face-to-face with a beluga whale. The class will get to touch the beluga’s skin and try some training techniques.


The team will find various exhibits at the Shedd Aquarium to explore. There are exhibits such as Amazon Rising, Caribbean Reef, Jellies, the Polar Play Zone, Waters of the World, and At Home on the Great Lakes. The Waters of the World exhibit contains animals from around the world. There are creatures from the lakes of Africa, the rivers of Asia, and the rainforests in South America. The Polar Play Zone exhibit is a place where the class can put on a penguin suit and try being a bird in the icy south. The group will learn about polar opposites and also have the opportunity to view whales and sharks in the underwater viewing area of the exhibit.