Santa Monica Beach

As you plan for your school trip to Los Angeles, your class should spend a day at the Santa Monica Beach. Your group can participate in a variety of entertaining beach activities. The beach is three miles long and has sandy stretches and breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Bay.

The Santa Monica Beach has several fun attractions for your pupils to enjoy. You will find locations such as the Santa Monica Pier, the Annenberg Community Beach House, Beach Parks, Muscle Beach, and Chess Park. The Santa Monica Pier contains several restaurants, an aquarium, and the historic 1922 carousel. The Annenberg Beach House offers fitness classes, cultural events, and other programs for your class to experience.

Participants can also enjoy outdoor recreation at the beach as well. You can do things such as play beach volleyball, ride bikes on the bike path, or take classes on the beach as part of the experience. There are sand volleyball courts that are located to the north and south of the Santa Monica Pier that are open to the public on a daily basis. The bike path is five miles long and is a great area for the class to enjoy breathtaking views of the beach.

There are a variety of restaurants on the beach that serve quality cuisine. The team will find places such as the Back on the Beach Restaurant, Perry’s Cafe, and Hot Dog on a Stick. There are also a few eating establishments on the Pier for you to explore as well.