Graduation Trips

Disney knows. Graduating seniors want fun, excitement, music, celebration, and most of all – time to be with their friends, the peers they’ve worked hard beside, will graduate with, and to whom they are about to say goodbye. That’s why Disney Grad Nite is such a favorite choice for graduates, and it’s the spirit behind every senior class trip we build.

At Disney Grad Nite, the park stays open late for graduates. A concert sets the stage for celebration. There’s music and dancing plus access to all the park’s best and favorite rides. You’ll find Disney Grad Nite in exciting Los Angeles.

Los Angeles offers far more than Disney as well. It’s yet another theme park haven with its own Universal Studios, plus Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain. A west coast favorite, you’ll of course find beaches on these sunny shores and Hollywood offers many fun attractions.

New York City, though perfect for educational tours, is also the most exciting city in the world. Times Square at night is one of the most vibrant attractions any student can experience. The Empire State Building is a nostalgic favorite with a breathtaking view. And Central Park always thrills visitors, even offering a Moving Walking Tour for the film and pop culture fans in the group. Live performances are the perfect choice for senior class trips, and New York City features world-class concert venues and arts centers plus the incomparable experience of Broadway.

Perhaps the ultimate senior class trip is to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world on the islands of Hawaii. Graduates lucky enough to experience this once-in-a-lifetime destination will enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins. They can shop in Honolulu and relax on Waikiki. Take a helicopter ride to the waterfall famous from the movie Jurassic Park. And visit Pearl Harbor for one last unforgettable, historical lesson.

The choices for graduation trips are just as many and just as exciting as those for educational tours. These are a few of our favorites, but we challenge you to come up with grad trip ides perfect for your senior class. Or if you can’t decide, how about a student cruise? You only unpack once, but you get several amazing destinations in one unforgettable trip.