School Cruise Trips

With our school trips, you don’t have to limit yourself to one destination. We customize combination tours, for instance, with two or more exciting cities on the itinerary. We also love to book large groups on a cruise. School cruise trips offer the convenience of one exciting place to sleep but many destinations.

It’s true. A cruise ship is an attraction in itself. There’s enough to do on these massive vessels to keep students entertained for days. Depending on the cruise line, they’ll have access to water sports, like pools, slides, and surfing. Some offer volleyball or other outdoor activities. Inside groups will love the buffets, game rooms, theaters, entertainment, and dancing. Add to this the thrill of being on the open sea, an experience no traveler forgets.

Cruises leave from exciting destinations, so that even the first port is a thrill. We help you find cruises leaving from New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, and many other ports.

The real thrill, of course, is the traveling from port to port as you go. As if the cruise ship were not exciting enough, students will wake up every day to a new port. These destinations include places like Key West, Florida, where there’s far more ocean around than land, plus all the water activities that includes. A port in Cozumel, Mexico, means some of the best snorkeling in the world. Nassau, Florida, is another favorite cruise port. And who doesn’t love The Bahamas? This is only the beginning. Choosing a cruise means the possibilities are almost endless, which is just one reason they’re such a good choice for school trips.